Registration Of 18 Housing Societies Canceled in Islamabad

Registration Of 18 Housing Societies Canceled in Islamabad

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Islamabad Deputy Commissioner Irfan Nawaz Memon on Friday revoked the registration of 18 co-operative housing societies.

The deputy commissioner, who doubles as the Registrar of Cooperative Housing Societies, issued cancellation orders in July of this year, but they were unable to be carried out because the housing societies had sought stay orders.

The societies are Wapda Employees Cooperative Housing Society, Veterans Cooperative, OGDC Officers Cooperative, Foreign Office Cooperative, Work No Ward Cooperative, and Ministry of Commerce Cooperative Housing Society, according to an Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) spokeswoman.

Similar to this, the registration of the Pakistan Professional Cooperative and Engineers Cooperative Housing Society, State Life Insurance Cooperative Housing Society, KRL Employees Housing Society, PARC Employees Cooperative Housing Society, and Islamabad Cooperative Housing Society (as well as the PAEC Employees Cooperative, PWD Employees Cooperative, National Police Foundation Cooperative, OGDC Employees Cooperative, Federal Shariat Court Employees Cooperative, and Pakistan Professional Cooperative and Engineers Cooperative).

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