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Grey Structure Cost Pakistan Market Has in Store For You

Grey Structure Cost Pakistan Market Has in Store For You

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Building your house is an important step in many people’s lives. Thus, every intricate detail of this step needs to be carefully planned out and calculated. 1 Kanal House Construction Cost is the first thing that comes to mind when planning out a house. In this article, we will walk you through each and every step of grey structure construction of your house. And with that give you deep insight into the Grey structure cost Pakistan market is currently following.


Planning a budget and estimating the construction cost of your house is vital for bringing the concept of your house to reality.


Grey Structure Cost Pakistan: Estimations & Analysis

Grey structure means the skeletal framework of a building. It comprises vital elements such as the foundation, columns, beams, and roof structure. It is a complete building in its initial stages of construction, simply without the finishing work. The finishing work includes flooring, walls, ceilings, brickwork, tiling, and electrical wiring.


Simply put, all that appears grey without any final touches is the Grey structure of a house. It consists of two components: substructure and superstructure.


The substructure withholds the dead load, live load, and the weight of the entire superstructure above it. Thus, we need to check soil conditions and foundation materials for them to be of the highest quality. The laborers develop the substructure during the foundation-laying phase of the grey structure. Substructure includes:


  • Excavation
  • Termite proofing
  • Cement/concrete mixture application in the ground cavity
  • Brick foundation
  • Column footings

The superstructure comprises all the parts of the grey structure above the ground. This is the implementation of the architectural design and structure drawings of your concept. The true appearance of your house emerges once the walls are erect and the house frame is standing. Superstructure includes:

  • Floor construction
  • Walls and ceilings
  • Window and door openings
  • Overhead water tanker
  • Lintel
  • Boundary wall
  • Side passageways/driveways

Reputable building contractors such as Syed Brothers deliver A+ quality grey structures. Our projects are perfect and even enhanced embodiments of the structure drawing of your dream house.

Financial Benefits of Grey Structure:

Even with a multitude of housing options available in the market, Grey structure construction is the choice of most people. This is because it is the most cost-effective among all other alternatives.  Gain several financial benefits from grey structures without worrying about the completion of interior finishes and fixtures. In this way, you can lower the overall construction budget. This housing option is mainly focused on the essential structural elements. Thus, reducing the cost of finishing touches and high-end materials.

For example, 1 kanal house construction cost with completed finishing is much higher. Whereas, grey structure cost is much lower. The comparison is illustrated below:

1 Kanal House Construction Cost Comparison

No. of Stories

Grey Structure Cost

Complete Finishing Cost

1-story house

Rs. 7,830,000

Rs. 22,000,000

2-story house

Rs. 16,950,000

Rs. 23,320,000

Due to the affordability of grey structure construction cost Pakistan’s real estate industry has seen a hike in the popularity of these projects.

Grey structure construction allows for faster completion of the building’s basic structure. You can shorten the construction timeline by streamlining the construction process. Then, eliminating the complexities of interior finishes. Reduce labor costs and minimize the financing costs of longer construction periods.

Grey structure construction provides the opportunity for future customization. This gives homeowners the flexibility to budget over time. This allows for phased investments, spreading out the costs of finishing the interior spaces.

Grey structure construction can offer attractive returns on investment. However, this depends on the current real estate market conditions. Lower initial costs and shorter construction periods can enhance the potential ROI. This occurs particularly if the property appreciates in value over time. For instance, gray structure cost in Karachi might be relatively affordable. Owing to the accessibility of labor and availability of construction permits.

While grey structure construction offers financial advantages, we must consider the specific requirements. These include market dynamics, and long-term goals associated with your project. Consulting with your building contractor and conducting a comprehensive cost analysis. This can help you determine the most suitable approach for your construction needs.


Cost Analysis:

Performing a thorough overview of the market rates of the materials is very important for homeowners. This allows you to compare the quotations provided by your building contractors. For example, you can compare the materials and labor cost quotations to the gray structure rate in Islamabad. You can find these rates by using construction cost estimators or project management services.


The gray structure rate in Islamabad is relatively higher than the ones listed below. Its prime location, lack and high demand of qualified labor, and expensive building contract rates contribute to this. However, now you have the guidance of the labor materials price list. You will now be able to negotiate a reasonable price for your grey structure construction.


The breakdown of the grey structure cost Pakistan 2023:


Labor Rates:

Labor rates commonly vary from Rs. 1500 per sq.ft (Ground + 1st Floor) to Rs. 1700 per sq. ft (with basement).  These might be higher in regions like Islamabad. Excavators, masons, steel fixers, and concrete pourers are hired as sub-contractors. You must accommodate heir labor rates and machinery costs as additional charges.



Material costs might vary from location to location. These are the grey structure cost Pakistan real estate market offers on average.


  • Bricks rates vary from Rs. 10-20 depending on quality.
  • Rorhi costs range from Rs. 10-15 per sq.ft.
  • Cement bags from different manufacturers cost Rs. 1000-1200 per bag.
  • Sand of the highest quality costs Rs. 81 per cubic foot.
  • Excavation and Backfill costs inclusive of additional labor and machinery expenses amount to Rs. 25 per cubic foot.
  • Steel reinforcement expenses are a maximum of Rs. 270,000 per tonne.

The budget of your construction project may depend on various factors. For example, location, labor, machinery, permits, project durations, and even soil conditions.


You can plan your budget after reviewing the rates of Grey structure cost Pakistani market has in store.


Grey structure is the most economically feasible housing option for homeowners in Pakistan. That’s why, Syed Brothers offer nothing but excellence within the limits of your budget.

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