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Commercial Construction

Commercial Construction

The Residential vs. Commercial Building Construction Cost Showdown

The building construction cost for a new home or office can be significantly different between residential and commercial construction. So what factors drive these costs up or down? And which option is ultimately more expensive for property owners? Take a closer look at the differences between residential and commercial construction costs to make the most informed decision for your next project.

There are a few key factors that contribute to the higher cost of commercial construction cost when compared to residential projects. First, commercial buildings are often larger and more complex in design than most homes. These buildings are built using a per square feet rate. That means that there is more ground to cover and more materials required for the project. This also means you will need to spend more money while the project is being completed.

In addition, commercial construction projects must adhere to the rules and regulations of the government commercial construction. The first thing that increases the budget is the cost of commercial building construction permits. You have to get the NOC from different Government departments before starting a project. The main reason for an increase in the construction budget is to follow every government rule about construction.

10 Rules About Building Construction Cost for Commercial Building:

There are a few reasons for this. First of all, commercial buildings are often larger than residential ones. If you want to grow your business, you might need to extend your office. Cost of building an extension will be more less as you have to follow more rules. That means that more materials and labor are needed to build them. Commercial buildings usually have more complex designs than residential ones. That can also drive up the cost of construction

10 rules about building construction

Proper Searching for the Commercial Building

The land you are planning to construct must be in a commercial area. You should consider the schools and residential area when looking for a place to build your commercial site. Schools and residential areas should be close by so that people will be able to easily access them. In addition, these lands are more expensive than residential land, so that which can increase building construction cost.

professional architect can help you

Professional Architect Can Help You

A professional architect should design the building. Only those who have experience in a commercial building should be approached for construction as this building is a complex structure to construct and should follow each guideline. The professional can increase the commercial construction cost, but it can give you a lot of benefits later.

Get the Approval

You need to get approval from the city zoning board and other local organizations. The offices that deal with the construction of buildings in this area usually give you a permit for the type of building you want. This commercial building permit cost you a lot of money, but it is essential to get this permit for the safety of your building. 

get the approval

Pakistan Disabilities Act

A commercial construction project must comply with Pakistan Disabilities Act. These buildings should be accessible by disabled persons as well. Any person in a wheelchair must be able to access this building.

Following the Rules of Law

The site should be adequately prepared before construction can begin. The base of the building should be according to the laws. Most basements are made for storing and parking purposes in commercial buildings.

Proper Safety Measures

The material of the construction should be according to the documentation. The main reason for the expensive rate of commercial buildings is that they need more construction material, and proper safety measures should be taken.

Safety Guidelines of the Government

You must follow the safety guidelines of the Government. Safety guidelines include proper fire exits and the capacity of the building, which helps it withstand any sudden horrific event.

Lifts & Fire Exits

Commercial buildings should have lifts and fire exits which can increase the cost. In addition, there should be sufficient exits to allow all occupants to safely evacuate in an emergency.

Parking Facility

A proper parking facility is a part of the building, which is an extra cost in commercial buildings. That is because commercial buildings usually have a high inflow of people. For example, if you are constructing a mall, every type of person on different vehicles can come. So we should design the commercial building parking according to the building you are about to construct.

Increase the Strength

Commercial buildings have concrete pillars. The pillars are typically made from concrete and have iron rods inside them. The pillars are usually one piece, from the base to the roof of the building. Therefore, commercial building strength depends on the strength of these pillars.

The list goes on, but you get the idea – quite a few details go into commercial construction projects.

Now let’s compare this to residential construction costs. Residential projects are less expensive for a variety of reasons. For one, homes are typically smaller than commercial buildings. That means less ground to cover and fewer materials required to complete the project. But the upcoming new styles for construction can make a massive difference in the construction of residential buildings.

In addition, most homeowners do not need to follow the same stringent building codes that commercial construction projects must follow. That can save a lot of money in the long run, as complying with these codes can be pretty costly.

Build to Accommodate Family

The residential building must be designed to hold a family and to serve the purpose it is meant for. It must have a fire rating that meets or exceeds the local code requirements. These requirements include the area on which you plan to construct the house. The plumbing, heating, and electrical systems must be sized appropriately for the residential building. Some expenses are not visible once the house is complete but are one of the essential things while constructing a house. You can get a  grey structure rate from different companies as all these things are included in the Grey structure price.

Construct like a Dream House

The building must be a combination of the person’s dreams making it. A house is where you plan to spend your life, so be mindful while constructing it. Completing all your wishes can increase the commercial building cost per square foot. If you build your boundary walls a little wider than on the map, they should be within the specified land. Then while getting NOC from the government department, you can face a heavy fine, or the worst is they can also demolish the extended part, which can damage the entire structure of the house.

Proper Ventilation Planning & Use of Strong Material

The proper area on the back and front of the house should remain vacant. You need to follow a specific rule while constructing a residential building. You need to leave a specific amount of space open for ventilation purposes. If you are not following the rule, the results can be terrible, which alternately increases your commercial building cost. The boundary walls should be built with strong materials so that the house is held up completely.

Modern Designs

The windows and doors must be impact resistant; if your house faces any shock wave, the doors and windows should be designed accordingly. The design should be according to the sun’s direction so that proper light can enter the house. It is the essential thing your designer should keep in mind while designing the house. Finally, the roofing system must be able to make the building cool. There are a lot of modern designs available on the market. You can design the house and complete the requirements at the same time. The most common method we use is the down Ceiling, which increases the beauty of the house and decreases the heat that enters your house.

Proper Storing Space Availability

A proper storing space should be present in the house. This store can be used to store all the stuff we do not use daily. You can design proper cabinets in stores to place all the emergency things that are not in use currently.

So, if you’re planning a construction project, hundreds of construction companies provide you with the options for custom house Lahore. Be sure to take these factors into account. If you have a limited budget, you may want to consider constructing a smaller commercial building or a simpler residential one. Ultimately, the decision is up to you.

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