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How The Best Interior Designers in Lahore Create Houseplans

How The Best Interior Designers in Lahore Create Houseplans

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When it comes to designing and decorating a 4.5 marla or 5 marla house naksha in Lahore, hiring the best interior designers can make a world of difference. These professionals have the creative vision to transform your home into a stylish and functional space. If you’re searching for the best interior designers in Lahore who can bring your 4.5 marla house design to life, look no further. In this article, Syed Brothers will show you the best interior designs in Lahore. We excel in crafting stunning home maps for 5 marla houses and creating remarkable interior spaces.


5 Marla Houseplans offered by The Best Interior Designers in Lahore:

In urban areas, 5 marla is approximately 1361 square feet and 151.25 square yards. Such a living space is ideal for a single-unit family. Therefore, it has become increasingly popular in the real estate market. Allow Syed Brothers to design your 5 marla house naksha. With years of experience on our portfolio and technical professionals on our team. With our distinguished portfolio, Syed brothers are the best interior designers in Lahore. Following are some of the highly demanded floor plans for a 5 marla property:


Single-Story Traditional Plan:

 A single-story 5 marla housemap features a traditional layout. It has open areas with a spacious living area, kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms, ideal for smaller families. A single-story plan for a 5 marla house in Pakistan typically includes a spacious living area, kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms. The cost of constructing such a house can vary depending on factors such as location, quality of materials, and finishes. On average, the cost can range across a wide spectrum for basic construction. However, it’s important to note that the final cost can increase based on customization or additional features. Consult with local contractors and professionals such as Syed Brothers to find out the optimal cost and budgeting options. As the best interior designers in Lahore, we can provide a more accurate estimate tailored to your specific needs and preferences.


 Duplex Plan:

A 5 marla duplex house plan designed to accommodate two separate living units. Thus, providing privacy and independence for extended families or rental purposes. Each unit typically includes its own living area, kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms. The cost of constructing a 5 marla duplex house can vary depending on location, materials, finishes, and customization. Due to the similarity between 5 and 4.5 marla houses, we can also implement this in 4.5 marla house designs. Only with slight pricing variation but overall similar functionality.


Modern Open-Concept Plan:

 A contemporary home map 5 marla with an open-concept design combines the living, dining, and kitchen areas. This is to create a seamless and spacious living environment. Here are some key details that are commonly included in such a plan:


Open Living Area:

The living area serves as the central gathering space, designed to be open and connected to the other parts of the house. It allows for flexibility in furniture arrangement and encourages a sense of togetherness.


Dining Space:

 The dining area is adjacent to the living area, creating a seamless transition between the spaces. We specifically design it to accommodate a dining table and chairs, providing a dedicated area for meals and entertaining.


Modern Kitchen:

 The kitchen in a modern open-concept 5 marla house naksha is typically sleek and functional. We design it with modern cabinetry, ample storage, and countertop space. The kitchen may feature an island or a breakfast bar, allowing for additional seating and a casual dining option.


Natural Light:

Our designers include large windows and glass doors to maximize natural light intake. Thus, creating an airy and bright atmosphere throughout the open-concept space. With the assistance of the best interior designers in Lahore, you can create am ideally illuminated space.


Outdoor Integration:

A modern open-concept 5 marla house plan often includes outdoor spaces. For instance, a patio or a small garden area, providing opportunities for outdoor living and entertaining.


Two-Story Contemporary Plan:

 A two-story 5 marla house plan featuring a modern architectural style. It contains multiple bedrooms, bathrooms, and ample storage space, perfect for larger families. Here are some general details to consider for such a plan:


Ground Floor:

  • Entrance foyer or porch
  • Spacious living room
  • Dining area connected to the living room
  • Open-concept kitchen with a pantry or island
  • Guest bedroom with attached bathroom
  • Powder room (half bathroom) for guests
  • Storage or utility room
  • Car porch or garage space

First Floor:

  • Master bedroom with attached bathroom and walk-in closet
  • Two additional bedrooms with shared or attached bathrooms
  • Family lounge or common area for relaxation and entertainment
  • Balcony or terrace space for outdoor enjoyment

The cost of constructing a 2-story contemporary 5 marla house can vary depending on factors. These maybe location, materials, finishes, and market rates. Generally, your contractor can confirm the respective price ranges for you. Contact Syed Brothers for an accurate price quote now!


Compact Bungalow Plan:

 A compact 5 marla bungalow plan that maximizes the use of space. It offers a functional layout with well-designed rooms, a compact kitchen, and cozy living areas. We create a compact bungalow home map 5 marla to maximize space while providing all the necessary amenities.


It typically features an entrance foyer or porch that leads into a cozy living room. The living room seamlessly connects to the dining area, creating an open and inviting space for family gatherings. We design the kitchen with efficiency in mind. Thus, offering a compact layout that includes necessary appliances and storage. The ground floor may include one or two bedrooms with attached bathrooms for convenience. Additionally, a powder room for guests and a storage/utility room are often incorporated. The house may also have a car porch or garage space for parking. Optionally, we can add the first floor which features several areas. A master bedroom+extra bedroom with an attached bathroom. A family lounge or common area, and a balcony or terrace space for outdoor relaxation.

Why Choose Syed Brothers?

From crafting impeccable home maps to executing remarkable interiors. The best interior designers in Lahore are adept at transforming houses into dream homes. With our guidance, your 5 marla house will become a true reflection of your style and personality. Is will perfectly showcase the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics. If you are searching for “ the best Interior Designer Near Me” then look no further because we are a nationwide franchise extanded across various cities. Contact Syed Brothers immediately for your customized house plan.

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